elago AW6 AirPods Pro Case thoughts

Please read until the end, I was totally wrong for most of this review.

I bought this case on a whim purely because it looked quite cute. I was also suckered in by the positive reviews, the owner photos (maybe mine is an anomaly?) and the retro styling.

And then I opened the box, attached the case to my AirPods Pro and I really do not have to write anything else do I? It doesn’t exactly look like it does on the box and it reminds me of the following film-

Quite possibly the worst fitting accessory I have ever seen and overpriced at £13.99.

And before I returned it I thought I would have another go at putting the case on, and it was close to perfect… Shame the first three attempts did not work, and I have no idea why! Anyway, the case is great after all and I am keeping it. Still a bit expensive though.

Note: this case was purchased with donated funds through Buy Me A Coffee (the little orange coffee cup on the home page).

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