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Top 10 Photos of 2020

Shutterstock Editorial has just revealed the photographs that documented the historical moments that dominated 2020, a very different year from any other. The year started normally with red-carpet shows like Oscars and then veered off dramatically to pandemic and protests… Read More ›

My eye is ‘pixelated’

My daughter said something last night that highlighted the generation gap between us. “My eye is pixelated.” She had a migraine coming and this was how she described it. I think I used to say things like blurred or fuzzy,… Read More ›


I know that some of you like to look back at tech, particularly mobile tech, from back in the day and so I would suggest checking out oldcellphone on Instagram. So many classic models which have been photographed extremely well.

Stand in silence

There is so much to consider in this image. The poppies to signify the remembering of our fallen heroes, our head of state masked to signify the tragedy for many that is 2020 and the fact that she stands alone… Read More ›