The Photos app needs to quit

I am getting this every time I open Photos on my M1 Mac and have tried repairing the library (Option / Command when opening Photos), but it has not helped.

I’m being as light touch as I can because I don’t want to screw up the library, but if any of you have advice that would be greatly appreciated. Photos is fine on my iPhone and iPad.

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  1. I don’t use Photos but… In case you haven’t tried this.
    Do you have a backup you can point to? If I open Photos with Option I get the Library Chooser. That would at least ensure your content is secured. If that works, you can try to rename the original and copy the backup over to the default location in ~/Pictures. Then start again using Option to point to the “new” library.

      1. Any luck with this?
        You can still get at the actual photos from inside the Photos Library. The problem is that Photos renames them to some combination of letters that presumably are links to the library database itself. They do the same with Books but apparently not with music.
        If you right-click on the library file in ~/Pictures, or wherever you put it, you’ll see Show Package Contents. Clicking on that shows the library substructure. The photos are in the originals folder under numbered and lettered subfolders.

        1. Thanks for this Bob- I have backed all of these up now so I can take some time to find the proper solution. I vaguely remember accessing this years ago, but had forgot about it. This is hugely helpful!

          1. I did some research and apparently there may be a folder called “masters” in the Photos library alongside “originals”. My library does not have this folder but yours may. If so, it’s supposed to be the photos with the original names organized by year.

          2. Sadly no Masters in my Finder- that would be very useful though. I am working on some solutions which may help solve that. Thanks again Bob

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