Wearing It Well

I have decided to split what I write about and have created a new site called Wearing It Well. It didn’t make sense to put so many watch-related articles on Lost In Mobile, as they are somewhat unrelated, so now… Read More ›

Stepping away a little

It’s likely that the content on Lost In Mobile will continue to dwindle over the next few weeks as I have more pressing issues to manage.  I’m not going to step away completely, but with work and freelance writing as… Read More ›

Bob day

It’s Bob day today. In a week where something at work has been bugging me beyond belief, where freelance work has been full on and where my children needed many more hours than usual, Bob stepped in without being asked… Read More ›


It will be quiet here for the next week. Got some things to sort out so will be back next weekend. Enjoy the silence;)

Do you want to help?

Would you like to help Lost In Mobile and write reviews, articles and help provide news links? I have dropped back to alternative day updates as I have some things that I need to deal with at this time and… Read More ›

2 days

Going to drop the site updates down to alternate days for the foreseeable future as I need to sort a few things out that are taking more time that I expected. Nothing else will change.

Where did the time go?

I snapped the above photo a couple of months after starting my first mobile tech website, ClieWorld. My son is 17 year’s old today. Where did the time go???