No one cares much about blogs anymore. That is a fact in a time when YouTube, TikTok and Instagram gain all of the attention. Blogs, in particular ones run by individuals are mere curiosities in an online world dominated by the tech giants.

There are of course some very popular blogs which generate a decent income, but for everyone else it is merely a hobby and a chance to get some thoughts out.

It makes no sense for me to run Lost In Mobile and Snowflakes & Shields as separate entities because the hosting costs double and the work involved also increases so I am not going to post to Snowflakes & Shields anymore (I will still post watch content on the new site). All of the content has been moved to Lost In Mobile and the site renamed to McGST.

The new name means nothing to anyone, it is merely part of my name and initials, and it is deliberately non-specific. The mobile tech side is not something I have been overly interested in for some time and the watch side is so niche as to not warrant a site on its own.

The new site will cover everything that nobody is interested in and is merely a tool for me to fill in some time while so much time is available to me.

Thanks, Shaun

7 thoughts on “McGST

  1. You’re too hard on yourself. Your friends are interested in what you’re up to and what you’re thinking. As I said before, we’re all uncertain at this time and need each other to make it through.

  2. Thanks Tom, appreciate that. It is hard to explain, but I am not being hard on myself, just finding a different way from what I have done for many years.

  3. I echo Tom’s comments. I’ve been following what you have to say for almost 20 years and it’s been well worth while. I consider you a friend even though we’ve never met. And I think I’m very lucky to have met so many wonderful and interesting people via your various sites and blogs.

    1. Cheers Bob. Realise that I am lucky meeting you guys as well. In my head making the site about nothing specific means I can add to it or not post at all as time permits. Main thing for me is to stop most online things going forward which will no doubt help me.

  4. I like the design in the title of your face. It’s powerful in such contrasting black and white, just dripping down and a slight pattern coming through there. Did you design it yourself?

    I’m another one of those who has been visiting since the Clie days, and I like the change of content. I still like technology, but it seems like the masses have finally caught up to what was possibly viewed as more of a geeky toy not so many years ago. My dream of my mobile and my PDA finally merging into one workable device has finally come true, so I’m fairly happy on that front.

    I have recently been forced to discover the pleasurable simplicity of a Chromebook, and since in the next school year all my students will be working with them, I have immersed myself. I am using a basic student’s one on loan to survive working from home during COVID-19, but I may well purchase a more top of the line one before the school year starts so I can do my job more comfortably.

    Anyway, if you keep posting, I’ll keep coming with the odd comment here and there. This has always been one of the few places where people of mixed OS’s can more or less coexist in peace together for the higher good of technology! 😜

    1. Hi Vince. No I didn’t design it. I used the PhotoLab app and it did it in seconds, was quite surprised. I suspect that tech became less of a focus for me because I don’t use it in a tech way so much; mainly writing, emails and little else. I wonder if Apple is causing a few people to go this way. My daughter adores her Chromebook and would not use anything else now.

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