Wear a f*cking mask!

Why would you not wear a mask for a philosophical or political reason?

I guess that philosophy does not come into it because anyone who does not wear a mask would not understand what the word means. They would, however, listen like a fool to a President who does not deserve the title in any way and I’m not sure he even deserves to be called a human at this point.

We have a similar, albeit less extreme, problem in the UK with people who refuse to socially distance and who cannot seem to understand basic arrows on a High Street. And of course there are many who cannot deal with any inconvenience at all and who will gladly run to the beach or a pub and interact in the most dangerous of ways. They care little for the potential after effects of passing the virus to someone vulnerable, as long as they can get to the pub or beach.

Think about it, if wearing a mask could get us back to a relatively normal life it is a ‘tiny’ price to pay, absolutely tiny. But oh no, we live among people who are so absorbed in their own worlds that no one else matters. All I can hope for is that the sensible people don’t suffer because of them, but of course we will…

2 thoughts on “Wear a f*cking mask!

  1. Someone suggested that if you don’t wear a mask then you have basically given up the right to get medical care as a result of your unwise choices.

    1. I guess if it was made a law in certain places then many rights could be taken away. Problem is Trump subconsciously says if you wear a mask you are anti-Trump

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