22 Clever Gadgets

A thing nobody tells you before adulthood is how expensive washing powder can be, but don’t worry – this eco-friendly egg will replace that stuff for over a year! Just chuck it in your washing machine and the bead-filled egg will wash your clothes just as well as regular washing powder does (but without the waste or the expense)… More here.

Some of these gadgets are extremely useful and prove that you don’t need a screen for a gadget to be hugely beneficial. I own the shower head, the smartpad and the foldable glue. All three are brilliant and highly recommended.

The Garmin Venu

The Garmin Venu arrived yesterday and after some tinkering I came to some quick conclusions-

Finally, Garmin is using a decent quality screen that rivals the Apple Watch and it includes a cut down always-on display.

You can expect 2-3 days of battery life using the always-on display feature.

The fitness tracking is superb and extremely versatile.

It is quite big which is not deal, but arguably roughly the same real estate as the 44mm Apple Watch, but with a round form.

I was then going to write up a quick review, but I found this article which is so good I decided not to bother. Just have a read of it if you are considering the Venu. It’s the first smartwatch I have used that feels compatible to the Apple Watch.

01 Dimensioning Instrument


The InstruMMents pen uses the right kind of technology to upgrade an age old user experience. The pen replaces the trusty-old yet potentially-frustrating measuring tape, presenting itself as a vastly smaller, and infinitely more powerful alternative. Using a magnetic roller and a guiding light, the dimensioning pen can measure everything from straight lines, to curves and even corners. It doesn’t have an end, like a tape, so you can go on and on for meters (feet, if you don’t like the metric system!). The pen is accurate to the nearest 0.1mm, and syncs with your phone to display and even record measurements. The pen comes with a sensor that allows you to capture contours of the things you measure, so it doesn’t act as just a scale, it acts as a contour gauge too… More at YD.

Somehow I have missed this product in the past, but it looks amazing.

The smart hairbrush


As the clock struck midnight on December 31, the year 2016 finally came to an end. There was a hope—after the great political rift created by Brexit, the uncharted territory of president elect Donald Trump, and the deaths of numerous beloved celebrities, to name but a few of 2016’s horrors—that 2017 would be a far more positive affair.

Instead, 2017 has brought with it the introduction of the smart hairbrush. Yes, my friends, no longer must you go without instantaneous feedback on hair pull, frizziness, and brushing patterns via the joys of an iOS or Android companion app as you brush your hair. So many sleepless nights, now saved thanks to L’Oreal and perpetual IoT-tinkerer Withings… More at ars technica.

So how do you describe a product that is smart for the sake of it, that is pointless and that only harms people’s view of smart technology? ‘Utter shit’ would do it. Thanks to Bob for the link.