Some retailers never learn…

The above, from Curry’s in the UK, highlights a continuing problem with tech listing and the seeming inability of the people publishing the items to understand what the products actually. This is such a simple part of the process, when compared to customer service and all of the other parts of retail, yet it goes wrong time and time again. It must cost a lot of money and also cause much customer frustration.

The GARMIN fenix watch is a great product, but why on earth would Apple Music, Apple News+ etc be relevant to this purchase. They have no bearing at all and cannot be used with the Garmin so I suspect it is just a generic promotion. Also, surely the ‘New & returning customers only’ bit means everyone?

Of course Argos had to pop up, a retailer with an endless ability to provide haphazard and poor service. In the above listing you can save money by purchasing McAfee Total Protection Unlimited (Windows only!) for your new MacBook.

I am sure that there must be many more out there and I shudder at how many customers fall foul of these absurd promotions.

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