Cat Furniture

We choose wooden material to give the high-quality touches.
They are the cat beds make the interior more aesthetic and functional.
They are the decoration you would want to share with the world… More here.

These designs are very clever indeed and they offer a way to give your cat somewhere to play while not dominating your house.

We have bought many cat ‘things’ for our cat, Gizmo, to play in over the years and she never touched any of them. A bit like a child playing with the box the toy came in rather than the toy.

Alas, we had to say goodbye to Gizmo this past weekend which was difficult to say the least. We got her when our daughter, Alice, was 2 years old and she is about to turn 18.

What always gets me when we lose pets is the little things we do each day for them, the routines and caring, that are lost and which continually remind you that they are not there. Last night, I opened the back door to let her in because for some reason the repetition and instinct to not leave her out in the cold overtook the fact I know she is gone, and so came back the instant grief for a few moments.

It will go and things change quickly because, and it’s not meant horribly, losing an animal never matches losing a human, but they do give us a lot and the longer we have them the more they engrain themselves in our heads and hearts.

So, buy your cat some nice furniture on the off chance that they won’t completely ignore it!

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  1. Condolences on your loss.

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