Me? Um… Who me?

On Monday Downing Street declined to comment as it said the gathering – like others reported to have happened under coronavirus restrictions during 2020 – is now being looked into as part of an ongoing independent investigation… More here.

Johnson, when asked about the party last night, also said that he would not comment as the events at Downing Street are under investigation.

He is effectively saying ‘I need an investigation to show if I was at a party in my own garden’. This has to be the time, he needs to go. His absolute belief that rules do not apply to him undermines the entire country.

2 thoughts on “Me? Um… Who me?

  1. I see he’s now apologized for attending the lockdown party. “Attending”?!! Since it was in his home, it was his party. I’m amazed that his own party doesn’t turf him.

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