URBAN ARMOR GEAR Active Apple Watch strap review

“High strength materials work together to provide the peace of mind you need to take your Apple Watch along on your most rigorous activities.”

There is no doubt that this is a high strength strap. It feels particularly solid in almost every area and there is a sense of rigidity to the form, perhaps too much rigidity.

Despite the fact that it is a nylon strap it feels almost solid when held in the hand and it struggles somewhat to conform to the wrist.

I get that this is designed in such a way as to make the Apple Watch look different than when worn on the huge variety of silicone and sports straps on the market, and I appreciate the unusually rugged look, but it feels as if Urban Armor has stepped a bit too far in terms of solidity.

The strap is as wide as the Apple Watch and in some places is actually wider than the case of the watch with some unusually wide lugs and a buckle that sits near to the case itself, and unfortunately quite close to the bone on your wrist which may be problematic for some.

There isn’t much to say about this strap, but after two days I was left kind of enjoying the unusual look of the strap on my wrist and the way it makes the Apple Watch look less like an Apple Watch while at the same time finding it to be uncomfortable to a degree that is not practical.

Scroll back to the tag line at the top and the ‘take your Apple Watch along on your most rigorous activities’ bit. This is unfortunately the last strap I would wear when exercising or doing something rigorous because it would get in the way and I could see it easily causing issues with the skin on my wrist.

Finally, £50 is a lot to ask for any third party Apple Watch strap. Apple asks the same for simpler straps, but Apple is Apple and I have never bought an official Apple Watch strap apart from the loop.

You may like the look, you may be able to put up with the lack of comfort so do what you want to do. Sadly for me it was one that had to be returned.

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