URBAN ARMOR GEAR UAG Apple Watch Silicone Band review

I reviewed the URBAN ARMOR GEAR Active Apple Watch strap recently and it was not good. From the design to the price to the comfort it failed in almost every area for me.

And here I am now reviewing another URBAN ARMOR strap for the Apple Watch and my experiences are completely different.

This silicone band is comfortable, looks different to almost every other strap on the market and is extremely durable.

I was initially grabbed by the colour combination because these colours are fairly prevalent in the watch world and if there is a hint of a specific burnt orange in a product I am immediately more enthusiastic. I don’t know why this is, but this particular colour grabs my interest every time.

The use of the prominent USG logo on the strap is a positive because it adds some extra visual interest and in particular the orange accents poking out either side of the strap are impressive subtle and obvious at the same time. The buckle is surprisingly comfortable given its size and it is the comfort overall that has really surprised me.

This strap is very obvious when worn, the colour combination is excellent and it is very comfortable. It is in effect everything the Active version isn’t and that is very much a good thing.

If I had to find a niggle it would be the fit because at the lugs there are tiny gaps which are visible at the sides. I have not seen this in much cheaper straps and it is disappointing to see, but fortunately the rest of the strap lifts it up enough to make it worth the £29.99 asking price.

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