Apple’s World Time watch face is a triumph

If you have £7,780 spare and want a world time watch you could go out and buy the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m Co-Axial GMT Worldtimer. It’s a fabulous watch and different enough from the usual suspects (Rolex Submariner etc) to make it stand out.

Or you could simply install watchOS 8 on your £400 Apple Watch and get the same functionality.

It is of course not the same in any way because the Omega is beautifully made, tactile, forever lasting and a lovely object to wear. The Apple Watch is none of those things, but the new World Time face is in my opinion the best option yet for checking the time around the world, seeing your home time clearly and utilising 4 complications in the same dial.

On the series 6 it is a bit of a squeeze and if you eyes are not great there will be some squinting occurring, but I suspect this will be much easier on the series 7. Potentially this face will offer a more obvious indicator of the larger series 7 screen benefits than any other feature.

If you do not know how to use a world time complication all you need to do is look for a specific city. It’s current hour will be displayed and you can then use the minute hand to complete the process. In the case of a smartwatch it will be automatically updated and you can even see which cities are in darkness and which are in daytime. Apple has implemented this very well indeed and it actually works better than most mechanical options I have tried.

This may sound like far too much of a deep dive for a watch face, but it is the first time I have felt like the Apple Watch can compare in a small way to a real watch.

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