Should voters have to pass an IQ test?

After four years of being told that leave voters knew exactly what they were voting for, you condescending remoaner, I don’t know how to feel about financially capsized leave voters queuing up to tell the media that they did not, in fact, know what they were voting for… More here.


A commercial cheesemaker in Cheshire has been left with a £250,000 Brexit hole in his business as a direct result of the UK’s departure from the EU on 1 January.

Simon Spurrell said he has lost 20% of his sales overnight after discovering he needed to provide a £180 health certificate on retail orders to consumers in the EU, including those buying personal gift packs of his award-winning wax-wrapped cheese worth £25 or £30… More here.


At least £100,000 of tariffs have been slapped on Fairtrade bananas from Africa because of Brexit, prompting mounting anger that farmers face ruin.

Ministers are under pressure to explain why the levies are being charged, despite an announcement that a last-gasp deal was struck between the UK and Ghana on New Year’s Eve.

Both banana exporters in the developing country and UK shipping firms are losing money on deliveries – £20,000 a week, says one company – while the crisis continues… More here.

The title is a joke of course, but so much of this was foreseen and here we are today now starting to suffer the consequences of so many people being hoodwinked by mere words. So sad.

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  1. It’s unfortunate that this is typical of almost any political, voted decision. The appeal to the emotions outweighs any appeal to the facts. Brexit and Trump are the most recent extreme examples.

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