Life and death with a no-good, grumpy dog

How many times have I drafted this obituary in my head? Sydney had been dying for years, or so it felt. If you’ve ever seen a dog age, you’ll know: Their death comes too slowly and entirely too fast, all at once.

The memorials I penned were full of humor and frankness. They captured Sydney’s essence perfectly: her aloofness that later turned to irritability, her tenacity of spirit, her stubborn-yet-sweet refusal to do anything other than what she wanted, to be anything other than what she was.

They were the words of someone whose dog died a good death, surrounded by loved ones, a hard but correct choice at the end of a gradual decline… More here.


2 thoughts on “Life and death with a no-good, grumpy dog

  1. Great writing indeed. Actually very hard for me to read because I can relate to so much. We’ve had perfect dogs and so very not perfect dogs. Loved them all.

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