The end of the Lightning connector?

On September 15, Apple announced the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, iPad Air 2020 and iPad 8th Generation.

That last product retains the Lightning connector, but only because it’s based off the same system architecture used in 2018’s iPhone XS. The iPad Air’s switch to USB-C marks the end for Lightning, and all but confirms the new iPhones due in October will have a USB-C port… More here.

I don’t think many of us noticed that, but truth be told I can live with USB-C because it is better than Lightning. That alone makes up for the pain of changing.

One thought on “The end of the Lightning connector?

  1. The usual concern is plugging in older style USB devices. USB-C to USB-A adapters are quite cheap. I see where lots of devices come with USB-C to USB-A cables as well as USB-C to USB-C. Devices like iPads come with their own power blocks so that shouldn’t be an issue. For Apple users it won’t be any worse than moving from the earlier connector, which I forget the name of, to lightning. And with USB-C being in common use, there should be more, less expensive peripherals available.

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