Explaining the cost of US healthcare to British people

In the UK, an ambulance callout costs you £0 in medical bills. The birth of your child costs you £0 in medical bills. In the USA, it’s a different story.

We asked members of the public to guess how much they’d have to pay for simple medical services in America, and what they think about the NHS – an all too valuable asset during the coronavirus pandemic.

Some of the reactions are just perfect.

3 thoughts on “Explaining the cost of US healthcare to British people

  1. I don’t know that our health care system in Canada is as inclusive as the NHS in the U.K. but it’s pretty good. As a personal example, my son was born premature and needed about 2 months in hospital before coming home. I was talking to one of his doctors and he said that in the U.S., his care would have cost at least $100,000. And that was in the early 80s, so you can imagine what it would be now. Oh yes, our cost? $0.

    1. It’s easy to say having grown up in the U.K., but no first world country should base healthcare on affordability. It’s offensive to me.

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