We need a much better Chronos

I have been struggling recently with the idea of wearing my watch and a fitness tracker and after many different attempts with multiple devices I still do not have a solution.

I don’t like wearing things on both wrists because it’s uncomfortable and it looks silly, and trying to balance the two can be tricky. I also don’t like clip-on trackers because they cannot track the heart rate which is vital for any kind of fitness tracking. And as it happens none of the big players have made very small trackers that are not obvious when worn.

Garmin has gotten closest with the vivosmart 4, but it’s still another device on another wrist. And so a device like the Chronos looks like the perfect solution, and in theory it is.

The problem with the Chrono, judging by the reviews, is that it does not seem to work very well and the customer support is even worse so that’s a no go.

If one of the big boys in the fitness space could come up with a disc that sits under the watch and which offers excellent fitness tracking in a tiny space it would be an ideal solution, but it does seem as though no one has managed to do it right yet. Even the Sony Wena is receiving mediocre reviews at best.

Maybe one day soon this will happen…

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