iOS 11 jailbreaking

Jailbreaking seems like something from the past that is no longer needed, but when I look at this list of available tweaks from Cult of Mac a little part of me can see the benefits, despite knowing all of the drawbacks.

WhatsApp++: Adds a whole bunch of new features to WhatsApp, including Touch ID security. Lets you disable read receipts, hide your online status, customize themes, and more.
BatteryPercentX: Brings back the battery percentage indicator on iPhone X.
Dark Messages: A dark theme for the built-in Messages app.
EasySwitcher X: Brings back the ability to quickly swipe away apps in the app switcher on iPhone X (without having to press and hold first).
FastUnlockX: Lets you unlock iPhone X just by looking at it — no need to swipe up.
GBA4iOS: The excellent Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance emultor.
HapticKeyboard: Uses the Taptic Engine to give you haptic feedback when you type.
HideLabels 10: Lets you hide app names on the home screen.
Notchless: Brings the user interface beneath the notch on iPhone X so that it doesn’t get in the way of your content.
Snapchat++: Adds a bunch of new features to Snapchat. Lets you spoof your location, disable “… is typing” notifications, automatically save photos to your camera roll, and more.
WeatherLock: Adds animated weather backgrounds to your lock screen.
YouTube Tools: Adds new features to YouTube. Lets you play content in the background.
Zeppelin: Lets you replace your carrier name with a custom logo.

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