The complete set

How important is the box, paperwork, receipt and evidenced history of a watch to you?

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I guess when buying a vintage watch it adds a sense of security to the purchase and acts like a mythical guarantee that lets you into where it came from and when it was born, but the reality is that understanding how watches age and being able to assess one close up is perhaps more important, and potentially more reliable.

For me, my father’s watch is made all the more special because I have almost the complete set of paraphernalia that would have come with it originally. It feels as though I have everything that came with it when new, which is true of course, and somehow it would feel less special without all of the extra bits. These ‘bits’ sit on a shelf, but they are part of the watch to me and form what it is as an entity.


I know the history of this watch inside out and it is my single most important material possession by far, and thanks to the extra bits it feels complete in a way that it may not do otherwise.

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