The ROXON Modular Smartphone System

Presenting the innovative ROXON Modular Smartphone System. Starting with a BASEROX smartphone case, accessories snap in place – accessories like the VIBROX portable bluetooth sound engine, and the handy VOLTROX power bank battery pack. Finally, sustainable swappable accessories for smartphones so you can Vibe Anywhere… More here.

Good idea, but the implementation seems quite clunky with cheap looking aesthetics. If it works well, however, it could have a future.

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  1. Has the bolt on stuff caught on anywhere?
    Thinking back to the old Handspring Springboard… or more recently — on paper it seems great (and I’ve thought at the very list the drive for slimmest ever! phones makes it so a bare phone is an option, but also like a skeleton for whatever case or one of these things) but most of the clip-ons are either pocket-bulky, or something you have to carry around separately.

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