Fitbit’s new ‘mass appeal’ smartwatch – no lugs

The leak over at Wareable of the new smartwatch from Fitbit is surprising because of the amount of detail on offer.

It is less surprising that the design seems to lack imagination and especially so because the company bought Pebble some time ago, a company that made a smartwatch that looked just like this one.

This watch does, however, address a continuing problem with Fitbit hardware and that is the lack of compatibility with women’s wrists. My wife wears a Charge 2 and as you can see in the photo below, even the lugs on that stretch past the edges of her wrist. It is the same for the Ionic (men only that one), the Alta and the Blaze. The Charge 2 was the nearest she could get to a Fitbit that was able to be worn. She is admittedly petite, but even so there really is not a Fitbit available at this time that appeals in a visual or form factor sense to women (my wife said that in case you think I am presuming what women want).


The lack of lugs in this ‘mass appeal’ model makes the difference in terms of wearability. I am surprised that there is only one size and if it is nudging 40mm, it could still be a stretch for some women and men with smaller wrists.

I want Fitbit to succeed because I love the ecosystem the company offers, but I want more. I always want more anyway, but in this case I genuinely believe that the company needs to up its hardware game to compete and to do that we need better styling, a greater sense of fashion and a less utilitarian approach.

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