Your apps (Arnold and Kirk)


I wish there was a tracking tool on the iPhone to see how much time you used on each app.
The closest is the Battery monitor in Settings.

Here are my top battery eaters (no particular order):

Mail, Music, Safari, Camera, Photos, Phone, Contacts, Notes, Messages
Google Calendar – better month display, can read individual appointments, rather that just see dots
Fitbit (mobile app for my fitness tracker)
Battleship, AcidSolitaire, iFarkle, MS Soitaire
Library (book reader)
YO.TV (TV guide)
Carrot (fitness incentive program here in Canada) Arnold

I just realized this is very similar to the “show us your homescreen” thing we did a while back 😀
Google Maps/Waze – nav, prefer 3rd party
Camera/One Second Everyday – journaling
Simplenote – love the simplicity and how it has a web frontend
Weightbot – sad support has dropped for this, the clicky robot sounds make a chore into a pleasure
Yahoo News Digest – at risk of being supplanted by Apple’s swipe left / quick access area
FB /tumblr – social meda
Shazam – music id’ing
Cracked – good reads
Slack/Whats App messaging
Appigo Todo – the first and one of the few I’ve found to really handle recurring Items
Bebot – best sound toy ever
Desert Golfing – minimalist gaming Kirk

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