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I thought this is important for as many people to see as possible. A few years ago, Apple switched to 64 bit processing and storage. Shortly thereafter, they started requiring all new apps and updates to be switched to 64 bit. Recently, they started culling old apps that had effectively been abandoned and were not 64 bit. You may see the warning upon launching an app that it may slow down your iPhone. This is because it’s a 32-bit app. In iOS 10.3, there’ll be a stronger warning and you’ll be able to find out which apps are 32-bit. And as of iOS 11, those 32-bit apps will no longer work. Better check them now. Bob

Good advice from Bob who also sent in this link to show you how to check your apps.

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  1. Infuriating.

    • Pardon the language that follows, I’ve been drinking, but just a little 😀

      I can JUST see Apple’s point, they don’t want to support some of this stuff forever, but does it really hurt anything?

      I’m kind of sick of some of the bullshit Apple spin. “Turning on Wi-Fi will improve location accuracy.”, what does that even mean in a world of accurate GPS? Best I can figure is its “lets us build our wifi database so we can tell folks where they are even if they aren’t using GPS”? Is that what it is? Then man up and say it Apple. Or am I misunderstanding?

      But back to the point: bad 32 bit performance. Sure, like an app designed to run well on a 2009 chip is going to struggle today just because of the number of bits.

      They’re too chickenshit to say “even though this app runs fine, we can’t be arsed to keep up the drivers, we don’t want to be microsoft (always anxious to avoid giving users an excuse to not upgrade) and even though you have apps that are working fine and that you love, they didn’t make enough money for the developer – or for us! on an ONGOING basis, so fuck them and fuck you and the app you love that will only be replaced by a somewhat shittier version, if you’re lucky”

      Go ahead, fuck me over Apple, but don’t pretend you’re whispering sweet nothings in my ear with that “oh this app might have performance problems, go talk to the developer” horse shit.

      It will be interesting to see the list 10.3 makes. LOL, would be great if they had “people who were sad this app is going away bought this replacement instead” big data helper in that interface – because the whole problem is that developers go away, and sometimes perfectly lovely apps don’t pay their own way in developer time.

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