The Apple Watch needs one feature, just one

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I wrote recently about how the Apple Watch does some things very well and how third party apps are somewhat superfluous.

To be a successful smart watch, reliable notifications, excellent battery life and decent information presentation is crucial, but there is one area in which a traditional watch wins every time.

The ability to check the time whenever you want in a millisecond is what a watch does. It is what Android Wear does. It is what some Nokia phones did, but not so the Apple Watch.

Too many times it takes just a little too long for the experience to be seamless and it gets annoying over time. If you have worn a watch forever, it is very noticeable and it is a watch after all. With that should come the ability to tell the time no matter what you are doing and without the need to move your wrist in a specific way.

If Apple can offer a simple always-on display in the next version, the Apple Watch will have gained parity with all other watches in terms of practicality. 2-3 battery life would also help.

4 thoughts on “The Apple Watch needs one feature, just one

  1. Great to have it as an option – although I suspect the battery would simply drain even faster – but don’t make it a mandatory thing.

    1. That make most sense. Maybe next version will have a screen that can display a simple digital time somewhere.

  2. I can see Steve Jobs telling/yelling at the design crew “It’s a watch, God Dammit! It has to show the time all the time!”

    1. Yep, you can hear him now.

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