Jawbone still circling the drain?


Head over to Jawbone Support’s Twitter feed and it’s pretty clear that it’s in trouble. Not only can you still not buy a Jawbone tracker from Jawbone itself but it seems it’s not able to support its existing customers either.

Since October, @JawboneSupport has been fending off “speculation” of its financial challenges, apologising for delays and telling customers that it has “no update at this time” with regards to individual enquiries. Sure, head to the replies on most customer care Twitter feeds and it won’t look pretty, but what’s remarkable is how long customers are waiting and how little Jawbone is doing… More at Wareable.

I really can’t see how Jawbone is going to get out of this. The support issue is one thing, but this is the more obvious indicator of big problems-

An industry insider, who wanted to remain anonymous, told us that “from what I was told, Jawbone had begun selling out all their stock to any bidders, not worrying about the consequences of MAP [minimum advertised] pricing.

“When a brand starts selling to whomever and begins to not care about MAP pricing, they have essentially given up,” our source continued. “Admitting that defeat is another thing entirely though, as that makes them liable for all the stock and returns that have been boughten by retailers, as the chances of these retailers selling stock of a company that has ‘gone under’ is slim. Lastly, losing the lawsuit to Fitbit surely didn’t help them.”

When my Jawbone UP2 recently broke I just bought another one for £30. On the same day I saw the Jawbone UP move being offered for £8 in a discount store. It does seem as though the products are being offered to retailers not normally associated with this industry and I worry that the ability to use the trackers will stop at some point. I worry because they are, ironically, by far the best I have used.

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