The Amida Digitrend: super cool!


The Amida Digitrend was introduced in 1976 during Basel show. This was the time LED watches were pretty much the hottest deals on the market. To compete with brands like Girard-Perregaux and Bulova and to offer a budget solution, Amida released the Digitrend watch. The Amidas, like the GPs or the Bulovas, were not only aesthetically cool timepieces, they were also driver watches. A driver watch is a timepiece you can wear and check the time while holding onto the steering wheel of your car without turning your wrist. It displays the time on the side of the watch rather on the top making it visible for the driver at all times. Amidas were considered inexpensive compared to the GPs and Bulovas as the Digitrends were mechanical instead of using LED technology. Fast forward to 2016, most Amidas still run while many Girard-Perregaux and Bulova quartz movements have died in the meanwhile… More at Fratello Watches.

If you want something vintage, something mechanical and something that is very different, an Amida Digitrend in decent condition could be worth searching for.

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