Sign me up Nespresso


Rarely would I consider any subscription service for a physical product, but Nespresso seems to have pulled something very appealing out of the bag.

The cheapest example is as follows-

£18 / month for £18 of Nespresso credits. You can use these credits or carry them over for up to 2 years after the subscription ends which is impressive.

This for me represents a great offer because I currently spend £15 / month on Nespresso capsules so what am I actually getting that makes it so good?

You also get a MAGIMIX INISSIA machine which normally retails for £89 for £1 so in effect you are doing extremely well if you do not already own a machine.

Oh, you could also for the £45 / month plan which converts to £45 of monthly credits and you will get a LATTISSIMA TOUCH for £1 instead of £279. Remember that the accumulated credits can be used for up to 24 months after the subscription ends so even if you only want £15 of coffee per month, you will be covered for a whole 3 years.

Am I missing something or this deal really very impressive?

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