Is the Kindle Paperwhite perfect?


My Kindle Paperwhite died last week after a long period of faithful service. A period in which it was used almost every day, in which it was charged about once a month and a time in which it never failed me.

And then I dropped it from a fair distance on to a hard surface and something went wrong. Firstly, I wasn’t using it in the case which I do 99% of the time, secondly it started to rattle and thirdly it then stopped charging. So, I had to replace it.

I searched through various options and decided the following-

Kindle Touch – I need a backlight

Kindle Paperwhite 2015 – likely, but not sure it offers much more than the 2013 model I have been using

Kindle Voyage – don’t like the controls and there is something special about not having the screen flush with the bezel

Kindle Oasis – lovely, but £270. I just can’t see what it offers to justify such a huge jump in price.

Ultimately, I need a Kindle to offer a clean reading experience with no distractions. I need decent battery life measured in weeks and I need it to be lightweight. It is almost as if the Paperwhite is too good because I couldn’t bring myself to consider any other model in the range.

And then I went one stage further and bought a refurbished 2013 Paperwhite from Amazon for £64.98.

It arrived and it is in perfect condition with the box, charger and everything else you get with a new one. The Paperwhite is so good that I was more than happy to stick with a model I have been using for a long time and to save some money to spend on books in the future.

Correction: it isn’t good, it is perfect.

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  1. Sorry for your loss. I am using Kindle Paperwhite 2015 for year now and I like that they have opted to put kindle logo in gray-black instead of white which I think might distract me. However happy reading with your new Kindle Paperwhite.

  2. would be lovely if it was dunk-proof is the only thing I would like

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