My son, the green bubble friend


My son’s iPhone 6 bent at the exact point that a lot of iPhone 6 phones bend and so we took it to Apple. It is 18 months old and Apple’s view was that they would give us a new device for just £229. I laughed, had a bit of an argument and walked out of the store.

That was a few weeks ago and so he persevered with a bent phone, but then I realised that Three offer 24 months of cover and so if I go back to the Apple store and pay Apple £229, Three will reimburse that money and so we end up with a refurbished iPhone 6. Sounds like a plan.

And then it broke completely and the screen stopped working. I made an appointment with Apple (again) and gave him a Motorola G4 Play to use in the meantime, and he loves it. He has been exploring the Play Store, playing with the interface and is genuinely amazed by the improvement in battery performance over the iPhone.

He has (possibly) become a green bubble person and is now debating whether he even wants the iPhone back. It took him a few hours to cover all of his needed apps with Android versions of the same apps and he is more than pleased.

Lesson for Apple: He looks after his phones with great care. You made a phone that bends and you were dicks about it. You lost.

2 thoughts on “My son, the green bubble friend

  1. Is it just my feeling or has Apple changed. A few years back my iPhone 5 started expanding. Obviously a bad battery. It was over 2 years old and out of warranty. I took it to an Apple Store and they replaced it with a refurb at no cost to me. I was surprised and impressed as I was prepared to pay something. Recently my old iPad 3 stopped charging. I called to see about getting the battery replaced. I was told that they didn’t do that but I could buy a refurb for $350. Not impressed. That’s almost the cost of a new one.

    Is this Tim Cook or Angela Ahrendts? I could ask the same about the non-upgradeable Macs? What would Steve have done?

  2. Apart from Apple care not caring as much as they used to, but the fact that an Android matches up… and, as a bonus, at a decent going rate!

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