The Less Ugly One


This is the first time I’ve seen one of these in the wild. I was surprised how small it was, and also by how flimsy the side panels were. Why would I buy one of these when I have an excellent Olympia SM9 and two excellent SFs? I moved on quickly …

Best of all was this all metal (although the snap-on lid is plastic) Imperial 230. It has a lovely colour combination, a surprisingly snappy typing feel, and a nice big typeface. The only drawback was the price: a hefty $120… More at writelephant.

If you are a typewriter geek, you will love this article.

2 thoughts on “The Less Ugly One

  1. I have this lovely old Royal – – to be honest I’m not 100% enamored of the typeface, but it’s decent enough, and then the fact it was an acquisition of my (no longer living) dad’s makes me not “upgrade”, even though there is – literally – one of the area’s only typewriter shops right next door.

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