iPad Pro accounts for less than one third of iPad sales

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While the iPad Pro lineup has increased Apple’s tablet revenue based on higher price points, helping offset a lengthy slide in units sold, the latest data from market research firm IDC claims the iPad Air and iPad mini lines accounted for more than two-thirds of Apple’s tablet shipments in the fourth fiscal quarter.

Apple officially reported 9.26 million iPads sold in the quarter, representing late June to late September, but it does not break down its tablet sales by individual model. IDC did not share its methodology behind calculating iPad Pro sales specifically, but vaguely notes that it uses proprietary tools and research processes… More at MacRumors.

I guess that under one third is OK considering the extra price charged for the iPad Pro, but I remain convinced that it sits in no mans land. Those who want iPads tend to be those (most people) who want to watch videos, read books, play games etc while those who need the extra computing power often need more than iOS. I still can’t see where the iPad Pro sits in terms of potential market share.

One thought on “iPad Pro accounts for less than one third of iPad sales

  1. Sometimes I wonder if Microsoft has been pursuing a better strategy of one device for everything.

    The one market I would have argued for iPad Pro is for creative arts – the old Adobe toolset gang – and Microsoft is now courting that group hardcore. That new “drawing table” Surface Studio – while it looks like a comically oversized iPad Pro, which in turn is a comically oversized iPad, which in turn is a comically oversized iPhone – might be great, especially with that super clever physical knob thing.

    As something of an artsy wannabe (and who bought a fullsize ipad pro to once again pursue that ‘now i can REALLY doodle’ line) but more of a developer, the Unix-y aspect of OSX that still shines through keeps me with it. For now.

    (Desperately hoping the “ipad mini pro” rumors are true – as more of a doodler than an artist, I’d rather have a Apple Pencil friendly “note book” than big ol canvas, and my old Mini 2 is the best Kindle I could hope for- 70% Kindle, 30% other stuff like social media and Draw Something)

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