Instapaper is joining Pinterest

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Today, we’re excited to announce that Instapaper is joining Pinterest. In the three years since betaworks acquired Instapaper from Marco Arment, we’ve completely rewritten our backend, overhauled our mobile and web clients, improved parsing and search, and introduced tons of great features like highlights, text-to-speech, and speed reading to the product.

All of these features and developments revolved around the core mission of Instapaper, which is allowing our users to discover, save, and experience interesting web content. In that respect, there is a lot of overlap between Pinterest and Instapaper. Joining Pinterest provides us with the additional resources and experience necessary to achieve that shared mission on a much larger scale… More here.

I suspect this will work out well in the short term for users. There is, however, always the concern about what a company like Pinterest would intend to do with the service long term. Then again, this appeared in the Instapaper comments-

Brian from Instapaper here. Instapaper will continue to operate as a separate app and they will not be pushing some separate agenda that alters the app or user-experience. Please feel free to reach out to or me directly if you have other questions/comments/concerns.

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