Apple reactions old and new


The widespread belief is that the 2017 iPhone will be all glass, at least in the front, which would give off the visuals of a bezel-less phone (too bad, Apple, Xiaomi beat you to it). Well, over the weekend, a high-level Foxconn executive, who has just been appointed the CEO of Japanese tech company Sharp (which Foxconn owns), sort of confirmed the rumor when he gave away that Apple’s next phone will use an OLED display… More at Forbes.

Really? Not convinced…

Oh my god is all I can say. The Macbook Pro is now 100% more expensive than an equivalent Windows machine. That cannot be ignored, and I predict that will actually be the case — consumers will see the price and go elsewhere… More at Medium.

I am somewhat convinced by that argument.

Sure, Apple could pour money into the Mac business, inventing a touch-screen MacBook that rivals the Surface Book. With Apple’s cash reserves, the sky’s the limit.

But Apple’s actions aren’t about money or beating Microsoft on the PC battlefield. Apple will never admit it, but the real goal is to ensure that the Mac stays frozen in time… More at Business Insider.

That’s an interesting take.


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