Newsletter: 11th February 2016

Hornby is a legendary name, but the company has run into trouble. The company is lean and is only making a loss of £5.5 to £6 million, but for an organisation that is arguably living in the past, it could fall soon. James May is doing his best to save it-“Hornby has suffered a torrid period in the last few years due to falling sales, problems with suppliers in China, and disruption from upgrading its computer and stock management systems. The Kent-based company warned on Wednesday that its problems had worsened significantly since the start of the year. Sales of Hornby products fell in January in the UK and the company has also discovered that it needs to write £1m from the value of its stock.”

How should you deal with your best employees? There are 10 recommendations over at Business Insider which attempt to deal with the problem, but some facts will always remain true. Every team has those that make an effort, those who are clever, those who are stupid and those who get away without doing much. Balancing all of those traits is extremely difficult.

You acknowledge and agree that any information you send or receive during your use of the site may not be secure and may be intercepted or later acquired by unauthorised parties,” That is what VTech included in the latest terms and conditions for its products, but now the UK Watchdog has stepped in and concluded that  VTech itself is responsible. This is good news because no company should have the right to say that your data is not secure if it chooses to be in such a business.

This book is a camera. Sounds odd, but watch the video below to see what I mean. You can buy it here.

McDonald’s decided to auction off the first-ever bottle of special sauce made in the United Kingdom and it just sold for £65,900. Now, I get that this is a charity auction, but that seems like a huge amount of money for something so commonplace, even if it is the first bottle.

If you are old enough to remember the classic Simon game, Simon Air will feel like a modern twist that takes nothing away from the original. “The Simon Air has a new stand-up ring design, too. Red, green and yellow sensors are positioned on the top, right and left sides, while the blue sensor sits on bottom of the inside of the device. While the new design brings in a fun new layer to the experience, the downside is its limited portability. It’ll be difficult to set the game up in the car; it pretty much requires a stable surface to play.”

If you are going to throw a snowball at your child, make it a big one. A really big one. See the video above.


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