Newsletter: 15th February 2016

Happy Monday! What better way to start the week than by checking out some classic album covers. The difference with these is that they have been animated and the end result is rather enticing. Maybe one day, animated digital album covers will be the norm. Actually, it could easily happen tomorrow.

It would be perfectly logical to believe that electronic cigarettes are better for you than real ones, but there is one aspect which has presented some worrying results. ars technica takes up the story- “After comparing genetic information swabbed from the noses of smokers, vapers, and non-users of both, researchers found that smoking suppresses the activity of 53 genes involved in the immune system. Vaping also suppressed those 53 immune genes—along with 305 others. The results were presented Friday at the annual conference of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington.”

The graph below show smartphone marketshare by manufacturer in 2015-

And this graph shows how it translates into profits

The numbers are extraordinary, but if you want to know how Apple Sucks the Profit Out of Mobile Phones, hit this link. The detail is somewhat weak in the article, but it’s safe to say that the majority of the money is coming from smart manufacturing and ultra-aggressive negotiation tactics with suppliers.

It is about time that someone designed a guitar which is easier for women to play, and now we have now courtesy of the St. Vincent signature guitar. I’m only surprised it took this long, but Annie Clarke (St. Vincent) has been at the forefront of music for the past few years.

This man quit his high profile job in the fashion industry to build a tree house of his dreams“There are actually two treehouses: what Mr. Huntington calls the Studio, a red cedar cabin sheltered within three trees 20 feet above the ground so that it seems to float; and the Octagon, shaped like its name says, which clings, 35 feet in the sky, to the trunk of a lone fir tree. Two bridges — one a swaying rope bridge, like something out of the Ewok Village — connect the midair structures. Down below there is a sinuous wave of concrete: a skate bowl.” Why can’t I do things like that?

“The EPA calls it the most severe exposure to a hazardous material in American history. The only people in Libby, Montana, who didn’t see it coming were the victims, who are dying to know if it’s really possible to poison an entire town and get away with it.” Another story which is obviously not a happy one, but it is well worth checking out Killing Libby.

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