Newsletter: 9th February 2016

If there was an event for people to criticise the Apple Watch for being too expensive and largely useless, I would likely be near the front of the queue. Jack Forster, however, loves his despite being a mechanical watch enthusiast for three decades. Go figure. “The Apple Watch setup, once you have it out, is equally well orchestrated. I’ve noticed that in general, Apple’s products come at least partly pre-charged, which means you don’t have to break the experience you were having un-boxing one of them. You turn the watch on (there’s an oblong side button, which among other things is the on/off button, as well as the Digital Crown) and you’re asked to choose a language, and then you start pairing the Watch with your iPhone.”

Will Streaming Music Kill Songwriting? That’s the title of an article over at The New Yorker and it’s a subject close to the hearts of some people I know. I so hope it doesn’t. “LaPolt told them that unless streaming rates were changed and the music-licensing system were overhauled for the digital age, the profession of songwriting was on its way to extinction. And they were on their own, she added, because, while everyone loves a songwriter, members of the profession have no actual bargaining power, whether via a union or another powerful institution, and so, when the money in the industry dries up, they’re in serious trouble.”

And the title for the headline of the year so far goes to… Wife crashes her own funeral, horrifying her husband, who had paid to have her killed. How could you not want to read the whole article

Tim Cook is taking some stick for the quality of the photo (above) he tweeted from The Super Bowl, and with good reason. We all know that phones rarely capture the type of photo you see in marketing material, but this one is particularly poor from an iPhone. Strangely, he has now posted a much better quality photo instead…

The idea of printing a Polaroid style photo seems archaic in these times, but the Prynt case fascinates me. If I bought one, I would likely use it twice and then have buyer’s remorse, but I do like the idea and the implementation a lot.

The NYPD Is Kicking People Out of Their Homes and with seemingly little reason. You can read the full story here– “As she did most mornings, El-Shabazz said she went to her bedroom to feed her newborn son and to worship before a shrine of candles and carvings arranged atop her wardrobe. Her most treasured object was a wooden tray her father had brought her from Nigeria. A deity of the Ifa religion, which she practices as a high priestess, was carved on its surface and covered in a residue of finely crushed eggshells. El-Shabazz used the substance, known in her faith as efun powder, to cleanse the shrine. She took fresh clumps of the powder from a cup and began to break it up in her hands.”

Ever wondered how they made embossed wallpaper in 1960’s Britain? No, me neither, but when I watched the video above I found myself completely engrossed in the process.

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