7th February 2016

Error 53 has the potential to blow up in Apple’s face. As per usual, those who hate Apple have jumped upon the issue like dogs on a fox, but there are two sides to the story. I detailed my thoughts here, but I remain conflicted. On the one hand, I know that I have to get my car serviced in specific places to keep the warranty going, but I was unaware that such terms applied to iPhones. My sympathies are just edging towards the users here.

“There’s white, and then there’s the immaculate ultrawhite behind the French doors of a new GE Café Series refrigerator. There’s white, and then there’s the luminous-from-every-angle white hood of a 50th anniversary Ford Mustang GT. There’s white, and then there’s the how-white-my-shirts-can-be white that’s used to brighten myriad products, from the pages of new Bibles to the hulls of superyachts to the snowy filling inside Oreo cookies.” Stealing White is a fascinating story and well worth a read.

We are all used to playing games on consoles and phones, but this playable table could offer a glimpse of what the future holds. I must say that it does look like great fun.

Virgin Holidays has created a stunning treehouse on London’s Southbank. Have a look at the pictures to see what I mean- this is some seriously clever marketing. 

Walt Mossberg is considered by many to be in Apple’s pocket, and I admit to also wondering this in the past, but Apple’s apps need work over at The Vergesuggests that he is breaking free. Some of his points are bang on- “But the exceptions are increasing. And I hold Apple to its own, higher, often-proclaimed standard, based on all those “It just works” claims and the oft-repeated contention by Mr. Jobs and his successor, Tim Cook, that Apple is in business to make “great products.” Apple’s advantage is that it designs and builds software together, so if the software isn’t excellent, it does the superlative hardware a disservice.”

When you get married, a decent photographer is high on the list of priorities, but this set of pictures taken purely on an iPhone suggests that we may (in the future) be able to do these things ourselves. Some of these images are truly breathtaking and seem to capture the atmosphere and surroundings perfectly.

When You Think of Beautiful Things, Don’t Forget Earth. That is the caption Scott Kelly used when presenting a quite beautiful picture of Earth. 

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