Error 53

I spent some time this morning reading about Error 53 and the various reactions from those who own and do not own iPhones. There is rarely an opportunity missed for those who do not like Apple and this feels like perfect fodder for their anger, but as usual the full story has not been reported by the media or grasped by the haters.

I feel that Apple screwed up here, without a doubt, and did not consider the ramifications of an update that would disable third party fixed iPhones. It is likely that many thousands of phones have been affected and users should not be left with a dead product just because they used a non-authorised repairer.

However, if you own a Touch ID-enabled iPhone, you want it to be as secure as possible. With the inclusion of payment card information and all of your other personal data, the potential for anyone to steal a phone and then quickly add a third party home button is present and possibly very dangerous. Maybe Apple’s approach is heavy handed, but I suspect it is more a case of not seeing the ramifications of carrying such important information on an iPhone and then failing to foresee what happens with third party parts, hence the complete lack of information for those who did get their phones fixed.

Apple has to make this right, it really does, and it likely will through support channels, but I continue to be amazed at the amount of anti-Apple sentiment out there from those who do not even use Apple devices.

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