5th February 2016

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to grow a giant dragon in your garden. OK, you have probably not considered such an act, but John Booker did and the end resultis wonderful.

The tale of ‘a cancer patient who died of smoke inhalation after the iPhone he used as a lifeline burst into flames as he slept‘ is likely to cause much panic among iPhone users, but it could happen to anyone of us, and it can easily be avoided. It is incredibly sad, but charging any electronic device under a pillow is likely to present danger. Then again, should there not be a cut-off of some kind to stop this from happening?

I am fairly sure that all of you reading this have seen a Pixar movie, and the video above offers some background on the process. It’s an excellent few minutes of entertainment.

Ever wondered if electric cars really do offer big financial savings over traditional fuel equivalents? Terence Eden may have the answer for you because he has calculated his BMW i3 running costs in great detail and the results are truly enlightening.

Photography is not easy at the best of times and reflective surfaces in particular can be a challenge, but Ivo Guimaraes has posted an educational guide on doing just this. “A reflective surface acts like a mirror reflecting light, so if the light source of your image comes from the same direction as the camera, it causes specular highlights resulting in blown out spots without texture, and an overall poor looking image like the following one photographed with the flash mounted on camera.”

Tips on sleeping are generally regarded are pie in the sky by people like me, but 12 simple steps to a good night’s sleep over at The Guardian contains some useful advice. “When your eyes are exposed to light, your brain produces less of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. Light towards the blue end of the spectrum is especially stimulating and, unfortunately, computer screens, tablets, smartphones and LED lighting all emit a lot of blue light. Try not to use these devices in the two hours before you go to bed. If you must use them, turn down the brightness or wear amber-tinted glasses designed to block blue light.”

In a bowling alley one night, Bill Fong came so close to perfection that it nearly killed him.‘ That should be enough to make you read the whole story.

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