1st February 2016

When I was a child, Terry Wogan was seemingly always on TV, but unlike many personalities he never became boring. When I was a teenager, he hosted a chat show which was incredibly popular and the world’s most famous people flocked to appear on it- at times it was riveting and at others it was excruciating (George Best), but it was always brilliant. And then Terry was my commuting companion through his radio show on the train and latterly in my car- the show was warm, often near the edge of what was broadcast-able and always fun. He stopped a few years ago and I was surprisingly sad to have lost my driving companion, but still he continued to berate the Eurovision song contest in real-time and raised millions each year through Children In Need. He has always been there for my generation and always managed to push warmth through the TV screen or the radio speaker. I sort of met him once- I was going to a meeting in London and he walked out of a building. I stupidly shouted “Terry!” without thinking and he merely turned around, made the motion of dipping a pretend hat and said “Good day gentlemen” to myself and the people I was with- he was exactly as he is on TV or the radio. I thought he was immortal, I wanted him to be immortal, but unfortunately he wasn’t and I feel strangely sad today. Thanks Sir Terry- you were the best.

“Startup Alfred — named after Bruce Wayne’s British butler — thinks everyone should have access to an affordable servant. So for $128 a month, “Alfred” stops by once a week to tidy up, sort through mail and fold laundry.” You can read more about this idea at CNN Money. I personally believe we should be looking for more time to do normal things that keep us grounded rather than automating even more of our lives.

It seems incredible that you have to pass a certain level of intelligence to be allowed to keep your own child, but it is in fact the case. I guess it sort of makes sense in some theoretical ways, but Who Knows Best still causes me to feel uneasy about the process– “The state said a 19-year-old with an intellectual disability wasn’t equipped to look after her baby and whisked the newborn off to another family just after birth—a decision the mother was ready to fight. But how smart do you have to be to raise a child?”

The BB-8 Droid is not only a central character in the latest Star Wars movie, but it is also a fantastic toy for adults and children alike. Now if only you could build your own full-sized BB-8. Oh yes, you can if you watch the video below-

I like a Big Mac now and again. It’s a nice treat, but I don’t like it enough to keep one as a pet for 2 months. Yes indeed, someone actually did just that.

Street art gets a bad rap and often for good reason, but just take a look at these images from So Bad So Good. They are stunning and really do add to the surroundings they exist within.

“So why not an Apple takeover of Netflix to get things jiggy/jumping for both companies? For about $60-$70 billion, Apple can become an absolute global powerhouse in streaming content.” I love Netflix and use it every day, and thus feel slightly uneasy about Apple potentially buying it. Then again, I can see why Apple would want to. More at Forbes.

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