27th January 2016

“Our dependence arises as a growing pattern of behavior that ultimately takes on a life of its own, he believes. We begin down a slippery slope as we start using our phones to “feed that anticipation and desire for information, particularly unpredictable information,” stoking our brain’s dopamine centre.” That is what Raefer Gabriel, the CEO of an app developer called Delvv, had to say about smartphone addiction. So glad I am not addicted to my phone (cough).

The Onion has outdone itself when discussing the opening of Ordeal Kingdom.“Situated between Epcot and the Magic Kingdom, the 350-acre property reportedly incorporates many of the most aggravating elements of Disney’s other parks and expands them into a creative and fully immersive world of irritation, which is said to include the longest lines in the entire resort, a convoluted layout that is only depicted in indecipherable cartoon maps that are not to scale, and 150 percent higher prices. According to park director Jacob Bartlett, Ordeal Kingdom’s specialized combination of features will ensure a slowly building resentment among visiting families, eventually resulting in a dramatic public outburst followed by a silent walk back to the car.” Personally, I love the Disney parks, but do appreciate the humour here.

Is the mighty iPhone in decline? That is the question many tech sites are asking, including the normally reliable BBC. Apple does not have anywhere to go but down and even standing still is a disaster for the company, but the main reason to include the BBC link is for you to read the reader comments. “Smartphones all allow calls, texts and access to the internet. You can listen to music or take a photo. They’re all the same.” OK then, I didn’t realise that.

The Tale of Kitty-in-Boots is 100 years old and will be published in September. And it was written by Beatrix Potter. That is one hell of a find. More at Mashable

Richard Mille is a very high-end watchmaker and you can expect to pay a lot for one of its watches, but would you expect to pay $105,000 for a pen? It’s very clever and kind of cool, but likely somewhat garish for most people’s tastes. More at Cool Hunting.

Independence Day was released 20 years ago and so was the first Mission Impossible. If like me, you want to feel old, check out 22 Words which lists a few films celebrating 20 years in 2016.

The battle between Facebook and Twitter has raged for a long time, but it appears that Facebook may finally be winning the war. Ben Thompson takes up the story in How Facebook Squashed Twitter– “Unfortunately for Twitter the attention market of 2016 is far different than it was back in 2009. When Dorsey states that he wants Twitter to “become the first thing everyone in the world checks to start their day and the first thing people turn to when they want to share ideas, commentary, or simply what’s happening”, he is no longer trying to capture an entirely new market, but rather to steal that market from well-established competitors, particularly Facebook, but also services like Snapchat, Instagram, and the messaging services, all of which have feeds of their own. And Facebook in particular has undergone its own evolution.”

It’s rare that you can visit a website and not have to do anything, but with Daily Overview you can literally just sit and watch some amazing satellite photography.

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