26th January 2016

Mindfulness has become very popular in recent times and a great many people are making a living from it. However, it turns out that there could be some unwanted side-effects which have been noted by The Guardian“For days afterwards, I feel on edge. I have a permanent tension headache and I jump at the slightest unexpected noise. The fact that something seemingly benign, positive and hugely popular had such a profound effect has taken me by surprise.”

How is your little finger looking these days? Does it look funny? To check to see if you have Smartphone Pinky’ head on over to this article and look at the photos. I am now convinced I have it, and so is my wife.

I mentioned unlimited vacation time recently and you would think that such schemes would be beneficial for everyone, but it appears that it may not be“I’ve started to ask regularly in one-on-one conversations, ‘When was your last vacation?’” Leo says. “I want to start to encourage it, if it was a while ago I might ask if you want to take a vacation. It’s about helping people to regularly make that time. You get to a point where you really need time off, and it’s easy to push it out and push it out.”

You can now view 40,000 Years of London’s History made entirely from paper. The end result is educational, interesting and the idea works much better than it should do. Enjoy.

Age should be no barrier to style, as proved by Jesse from China who is 85 years old. Look at the photos here to see what I mean.

To many people the idea of a smartphone was completely alien before 2007, but 6 great smartphones from 10 years ago from TechKotak proves that there were some great devices before the devices we use today. The sad thing is that I owned every single one of them…

Getting a new job is a good thing and it’s all too easy to accept any minor concerns you may have, but a look at this infographic may open your eyes to reasons why you should not take it. Some of the reasons are quite funny as well.

A Look at How Cars Have Changed Over the Past 100 Years is self-explanatory, but is also very interesting. Quite amazing really how little cars have changed.

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