25th January 2016

A 14 minute short film called The Boy with a Camera for a Face is now available to view on Vimeo and it should prove to be worthy of your time. It is quite simply a brilliant idea which has been very well executed. Enjoy.

The Washington Post has published an article called The strange life of Q-tips, the most bizarre thing people buy which looks at how we use this particular product. Called cotton buds elsewhere, many of us use them to clean our ears which is a very bad idea, but when you read the article you will see that the uses are numerous and some of them are very strange.

Here are two facts that you may find surprising. By 2050, there will be more plastic in the sea than fish. There is already 150 million metric tons of it in the sea and it is set to double in the next 20 years. More at Quartz. If you removed the empty space between our atoms, the entire human race could fit into the volume of one sugar cube. You what?!? Apparently that is perfectly true and you can see why in this video from How It Works Magazine.

Would you buy a photo of a potato for more than $1,000,000? Well, someone did. More at PetaPixel.

Snow is a hot topic at the moment and Getting Plowed describes the seedier side of the business of removing the cold white stuff. Who knew such things happened? “One winter morning a few years ago, a driver steered his snowblower down the streets of a Montreal neighbourhood. It was the day after one of the season’s first snowfalls, and the roads were lined with fresh, white drifts. As usual, the driver’s co-worker walked ahead of the huge vehicle, warning pedestrians to move out of the way, then waving the all-clear. Suddenly, the man on foot signalled frantically for the driver to stop. He’d spotted something half-hidden in a nearby snowbank: a massive steel rod that would have destroyed the machine.”

Will the Cars of the Future Be Made by Detroit or by Apple? is the big question in the latest edition of the too embarrassed to ask podcast and it is a question that I have pondered a lot recently. When you think about the car you are driving today, it all of a sudden seems glaringly obvious that the interior could change a lot to bring it up to everything else we experience in 2016. Electric engines are obviously a far harder challenge, but it does not take long to realise that everything else from the brakes to the battery technology to the dashboards would benefit from a radical change. The traditional car makers have sat on their hands for far too long in my opinion and a shake up would be a good thing.

Every country has strange laws that have existed for some time, but this list of 50 of the Weirdest Laws That Still Exist in the United States is quite amazing. Good to know that it is illegal for donkeys to sleep in bathtubs.

Rumours of a new iPhone persist with the ‘5SE’ being the most popular name for a new smaller phone. I can see the logic in such a move by Apple, but we must remember that the reason the product has been so incredibly popular over the past couple of years is because of the larger 6 models. I believe that cracks are starting to show in the iPhone brand and that sales are slowing which is evidenced by the more elastic pricing that networks and retailers can offer. One example being that when my wife upgraded to the iPhone 6s on Saturday, she ended up paying no more on her contract than what she does already, the early upgrade fee was written off and so was the upfront cost of the phone. A chat with the salesman was summed up when he said that Apple now allows them to make much higher concessions than ever before. Interesting…

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