30th January 2016

The above graph (from statista) shows iPad sales from Q3 2010 to Q1 2016 and as you can see it is developing into a hump. Sales have worsened every single quarter and the decline is growing, but we should ask ourselves why this is happening. I believe that the main reason for this is that the iPhone completely dominates iOS, and indeed Apple’s, sales numbers and revenue, and that the iPad does not differentiate itself enough to continue to sell in big numbers. The argument that the iPad is just a big iPhone has never been truer and when you really think about it, what does an iPad do that an iPhone can’t? As human beings we adapt to technology fairly quickly and in the case of the phone, we are becoming accustomed to using them for more complex tasks which leaves just the phone and the PC as the devices we will likely want to use. With phones taking over many computing tasks and PC sales also declining, you would think that the tablet is ripe to fill the middle ground, but it just is not happening. Laptops are smaller than ever and phones are more capable than ever, and so iOS and Android tablets remain squeezed in a place where they are merely big phones, without the phone bit. The Surface tablet is a different case and the figures could skew somewhat in the near future, but tablets which use Phone operating systems don’t seem to have a bright future in the near term.

Last year, Sanmay Ved bought google.com for one minute and now Google has revealed that he was paid $6,006.13 (spelled-out Google numerically) which was then doubled when he said he was giving the money to charity. A sweet story.

I Am NOT Black, You are NOT White is an inspiring video that may make you consider how you view race. If you watch one video this weekend, make it this one.

Who Knows Best is one of those articles that is not necessarily enjoyable, but it is truly gripping. “From the moment Sara entered the ward that day, the Gordons felt that the hospital staff disapproved of them. Sara Gordon is not like most of the young women who give birth at this small-town hospital. She takes little care of her appearance, preferring large, baggy T-shirts with wiseacre slogans (“I’ve stopped listening. Why haven’t you stopped talking?”) over clothing that might flatter her more. Her speech is flat, her enunciation imprecise, and she has a hard time paying attention in groups because too much chatter whizzes past her brain. Sara has an intellectual disability, a condition that until 2013 was listed in the DSM as “mental retardation.” Her IQ is around 70. She can read, but it’s a chore and something she frankly prefers not to do.”

f.lux, and solutions like it, are either viewed as tools that can greatly benefit you or complete hogwash. Personally, I feel that benefits are certain to come and you can read more about it in The Story Behind f.lux, the Night Owl’s Color-Shifting Sleep App of Choice“In 2005, Lorna Herf left her job at Google and took up painting. Her husband, Michael, turned a room in their loft into a studio, and installed colour-friendly lights. The bulbs simulated the conditions of daylight, so that Lorna’s paintings would always look accurate as she painted late into the night…”

Is Amazon building a ‘Spotify killer’? According to MashableUK it could be, but I don’t buy that it will be $9.99 per month. I suspect Amazon has clout with the music industry in ways that it’s rivals cannot match and would not be surprised to see a Prime+ option become available with a full music subscription service.

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