iPhone 6s, iPad Pro and new Apple TV

I realise that I completely forgot to write about the latest and greatest from Apple, but have been very busy with various things and so real work got in the way. I will be quick-

iPhone 6s – I was actually quite impressed by the 3D Touch interface and it is nice to see that the movements we have used to control various aspects of the iPhone will now change a lot. The Harry Potter photo (it’s just a short video) feature grabbed me as well. A better camera, 2GB of RAM (that will help more than you know) and smaller changes add up to a decent upgrade in my mind.

Apple TV – loved it, I really did.

iPad Pro – found myself more impressed than I expected because I don’t use an iPad every day. A decent shot in the arm for a product that even Apple realises does not require a yearly upgrade anymore.

All in all, it was one of the most impressive keynotes yet, given the pressures and the way the rest of the various industries are moving.

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