Bring Peace to your iOS device

I’m not a fan of Marco Arment. I find him to be elitist at the best of times and a mild disagreement on Twitter was enough for him to block me from following him. It makes Accidental Tech Podcast difficult to listen to even though it is a good podcast, but I cannot complain about his latest offering.

I recently wrote about ad-blockers and was very critical of them, but I installed Peace yesterday and it makes a huge difference. Huge! It is in fact quite staggering how much quicker web browsing is now, particularly on sites like The Verge, and I am likely to keep it installed and active.  Yes, slightly hypocritical, but it really is impressive.

UPDATE: Marco has pulled the app. His reasons are here, but I can guess that maybe pressure from other well-known people in the Apple world may have had an effect. When you block every tracker, you are contributing to killing the websites you visit. I wonder, however, if the damage has already been done.

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