When Finder fails

I have been experiencing a strange problem on my iMac for the past couple of weeks which has caused it to become almost unusable. For the work I do, I am constantly saving files and moving them between folders and Dropbox, but Finder has become unbearably slow with opening a small folder taking upwards of 30 seconds.

It all came to a point yesterday when I transferred 4 folders to Dropbox and only 2 arrived. The warning message that the other 2 folders did not exist sent a shiver through me because each folder represented approximately 3 hours of work. 

Having tried every bit of advice I have read on the internet over the past two weeks, I panicked and started to look at Finder replacements. My presumption was that the hard drive was starting to wear out after 3.5 years of continual usage, but I decided to try a Finder replacement anyway to see if it would help.

The first one I found was Path Finder 7 which retails for $39.95. I noticed some free options, but decided to give this a try as the feature list looked long and extremely useful. Two days later and my Mac is working perfectly again, but I now have a myriad of features available to me that are extremely beneficial and which have completely changed the way I work. 

I hadn’t realised just how much I use Finder until now and the end result is folders that can be coloured the whole way through, not just silly dots that mean nothing, dual pane viewing of folders, incredible speed and an interface which feels very familiar, but a touch more intuitive than Finder to me.

It may be that there is a serious problem with my Mac, but I will happily put down $40 for a solution which should breathe a little more life into my ageing workhorse. I find it strange that I am now barely using any official Apple app and even Dropbox has started to dominate my online management of files, images etc. 

Path Finder 7 is available here and comes highly recommended.

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