Change the colour of your Apple Watch strap for less than £10

A black Apple Watch Sport strap (which was green 20 minutes ago)
A black Apple Watch Sport strap (which was green 20 minutes ago)

One thing that really irks me about the Apple Watch is the insane pricing of the straps and more importantly the fact that Apple has created a proprietary mechanism to attach them to the watch. With prices ranging from £39 for the Sport Band to £379 for the Link Bracelet, these are far from cheap. In between you have the Modern Buckle for £209 and the Leather Loop for £129.

This pricing is ridiculous and especially so when you see what quality of strap you can get for £80 elsewhere. The bigger problem with the Apple Watch at this time, however, is that you have to buy what Apple offers which is especially annoying considering I ended up with a bright green strap as it was an emergency freelance purchase.

Initially I bought a Baseus Leather Bracelet Watch Band for less than £10 which is not technically supposed to fit the Apple Watch Sport, but with the addition of a thicker than average pin it actually works quite well. I should stress that this is not, however, a completely secure solution.

My next solution was to spend £7.49 on the product below (from Hobbycraft) which has proved to work much better than I expected.

We don’t actually know what the Sport Band is made of yet, but a copious covering of Plastikote worked a miracle and within an hour it was dry.

I covered every part of the front and sides, and the finish is black matt which works extremely well on this band. I had some concerns about spraying the latching mechanism, but it fits perfectly and with no loss of paint at all, or residue left on the watch itself.

I left the inside green as this is the part which will make the most contact with my skin and you would never realise that it was ever that colour before when it is worn.

So there you go- spend £7.49 and you can change the colour of your strap to any that you like. There are many paint colours available from silver to red to crazy combinations which will give you the change to be truly unique. Apple’s ironic idea of unique is to purchase one of its expensive straps and to look like thousands of other people.

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