The new MacBook

My son and I spent some time with the new MacBook today and I must say that we were both mightily impressed. The keyboard and trackpad are superbly engineered, but the casing, form and everything else comes together beautifully to create what appears to be the laptop of my dreams.

Obviously the lack of ports and underpowered specs would be a problem in the long terms, but aesthetically it is lovely and I can see many emotional purchases coming its way.

We also spent some time discussing the Apple Watch with one of the staff members and a lengthy discussion over why the straps were so expensive ended up with the comment “They just are…” and then he walked away in a most un-Apple like fashion. I will try to get my Apple Watch review up over the next few days, but it will be a lengthy one because there is so much to write about. Some good, some bad and some that I still can’t quite understand…

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